Selling Your Home

First Impression Matters

Like with everything else in life, there is often room for a second chance but nothing will leave a lasting impact as the first impression, this also holds true when showcasing your home. Below we have listed 10 steps that home sellers should take to make their home look its best. Do not worry, you won’t have to break your wallet, simple maintenance and organization is all that is required.

Outside Maintenance: Curb appeal

1. Back yard and Front yard: The very first thing that a buyer sees is the exterior of the home. Lure the buyer in by maintaining the front yard: mow the grass, remove any shrubs and weeds, and dead tree branche, and rake the leaves, the backyard should be it the same condition as the front yard. Give the home some color by planting flowers, and get rid of any outdoor furniture that is taking away from the appeal of the home.

2. Check for leaks: This is extremly important, even if it’s not a great hazzard the buyer will get the impression that the home has been poorly maintained and they will see this as sign of bigger problems that may exist around and within the home.

3. Paint doors and windows: You can refresh the entire home by giving a new coat of paint just to the doors and window frames. Of course if you have a bigger budget you can give the entire fasade a fresh coat of paint.

Inside the home

4. Declutter: Get rid of any extras that are lying around the home and taking up space. Consider donating old clothes and furniture to local charities, now you are preparing the home for further cleaning.

5. Carpeting: If you have carpets througout the home, get them profesionally cleaned. Your home will smell a lot nicer and it will look newer.

6. Lighting and switches: Make sure that the home is well lit, and that all the outlets work. Buyers will randomly flip switches. You do not want them to think that there is a problem with the electircal work around the home. Replace lighbulbs that don’t work and make sure to buy bulbs with the appropriate wattage.

7. Seal sinks and tubs: Old caluk is very noticable and it does not look pretty. Give the sinks and tubs a makeover by caulking around them.

During open house

8. Clean out medicine cabinets: Buyers are very nosey and they will look through everything during open house. Prevent embarassing moments by removing all prescription pills.

9. Pet arrangements: During open hosue no one wants Poochy following them around. Morever buyers who don’t have pets will immediately think that the home is dirty and smelly and this may be enough for them to lose interest. Therefore, make arrangements for your pet during open hosue.

10. Broker tips: A few days prior to open house get the broker to examine the place to see if there is any last minute additions you should make before you make your home available for showcase.