Moving Out

Keep Your Property Safe

You have moved into your new home but your old home is still on the market. There are certain precautions you should take as your old home could attract more than just potential buyers, it could attract criminal activity. Read on to find out how to prevent this from happening. The idea is that you need to present the home as still occupied. In order to do so you should:

1. Keep the Lights on: Usually thieves will not do a random break in, they will observe the property for a few days in order to monitor the activity. The best way to show that someone is in the house is to have it lit up at different times. You can do this by purchasing lighting timers. Strategically place these lighting timers all throughout the home and have them go off at different times.

2. Leave the curtains behind: With the curtains and blinds still in place. The vandal will have a hard time to see the layout of the home.

3. Maintain the lawn: The biggest giveaway that a home is vacant is if the front and back yard are a mess. In the cooler months make sure to rake the leaves, clean the rain gutters, and clear the driveway and walkway from snow. During the warmer months, get rid of all the weeds, trim the shrubs, mow the lawn and make sure that there is no trash lying around.

4. Don’t let paper pile up: The mailbox should not look like a recycle bin. If you are not near your old home, get a family member or neighbor to regularly check the mail.

5. Use your driveway: Let the neighbors know that they can use your driveway. A car parked in the driveway will deter intruders.

6. Make repairs: Visit your home and check for needed repairs. You should immediately fix any obvious problems such as a broken porch, loose shutters, or cracked windows. These are repairs that do not need immediate maintenance but you should put yourself in the shoe of the homeowner, these are things that would be fixed right away.

7. Ask for backup: Contact the local police department and let them know that the property is vacant. This way they are aware of the certain possibilities that could take place in the near future. Aside from the police you should also let the head of your neighborhood know. Buying